Maximize Values in Every Inch of Space

Help achieve best employee experience and return on investment in each park, building and office space that operated by any enterprise

Meeting Room Management
It allows employees to book online/offline meetings and meeting room resources through UC. The sensor network can automatically identify meeting scenes, and control or release meeting room resources itself, and generate meeting room data report without human intervention.
Space Data Analysis
The spatial sensing network helps learn the utilization of different space, facilitates employee experience and productivity of enterprises, and improves the utilization of real estate.
Office Cubicle Management
The online management and booking of office cubicle resources can be easily realized. This significantly reduces repetitive work of the administration.
Space Allocation Management
Helps the management make an inventory of all company-owned and rental space assets. Offers solutions for cost assignment and data analysis/statistics by rationally assigning space assets to individuals and departments.
Asset Management
Offers solutions on value preservation and appreciation, investment portfolios, budget allocation and target tracking of fixed assets. Asset management cockpit can help real estate management quickly identify problems and make decisions accordingly.
Facility Management
Helps the management improve service response speed and experience for staff and lessees. Realizes systematic, scientific on-line operation management, and improves efficiency of business process.
Property Management
Provides property operation platforms to property management companies to enable modern property management featured by fully online, international, standardized and mobile services.
Cost Control Management
Refines management and control of cash flows related to fixed assets. Streamlines control of revenue and expenditure structures related to real estate.
Leasing Management
Registers, tracks and manages all types of agreement, helps enterprises make efficient decision on properties in idle, and maximizes operational efficiency of fixed assets
Work Order and Request for Repair
Meets various order assignment demands, resulting in improved order assignment efficiency and staff enthusiasm.
Inventory Management
Manages process of receipt and distribution of various equipment and materials in project operation in an all-round way, and extend functions related to purchase, sale and storage as needed.
Engineering Management
Helps enterprises optimize and control project management process and progress.Strengthens monitoring of progress to ensure that projects proceed orderly.
Corporate Apartments
Helps enterprises manage various spaces such as internal talent housing and apartments and supports smart administration services
Property Assessment
Helps owners keep track of and assess property operation by using digitalized, professional operation service capacities, resulting in higher user satisfaction.
Data Insight
Data insight is one of effective carriers for management of senior management decision-making. Displays real estate data in multiple dimensions through central BI platform, and creates a clear dashboard and a custom digital kiosk.

Enterprise Real Estate and Intelligent Space Full-scene Solutions and Full-process Services

DFocus develops smart hardware and software products, and provides full-process services such as management consultancy, project management, implementation delivery, training, system and data operation and maintenance and space optimization, and full-scene solutions for smart space and smart building management based on IoT.


IoT Infrastructures Developed by DFocus Ensure Accuracy and Security of Data Collection

All smart hardware, data base stations, sensors, communication protocols and IoT platforms developed by DFocus are certified to international standards for quality safety certification (i.e. ISO9001, ISO27001 and C-E3C). DFocus's thorough data operation and maintenance system ensures accuracy and security of data collection and effectively supports operational decision-making.


Industry Experts and Professional Implementation Crew for Smart Space and Smart Building Management

DFocus's industry experts and professional implementation crew helps you achieve digitalized operation and management upgrades by services such as consultancy, project management, implementation delivery, system operation and maintenance, and data operation.


Smart Data Engine Improves Decision-making Efficiency

DFocus's powerful, smart data engine can generate complete data information on your key business. This reduces your decision-making period, resulting in higher decision-making efficiency.


Dfocus Has Won the Recognition from Customers Both at Home and Abroad

DFocus provides services to over 200 large companies at home and abroad, including nearly 100 Fortune Global 500 companies, such as Microsoft, Huawei, Porsche, Starbucks, and Budweiser. DFocus is now serving over one million company staff and managing over 100 Grade-A office buildings.