Smart Office

Upgrade your office with intelligent technology and create innovative digital space experience.

Smart Office

DFocus optimizes every single office space with new technology and redesigns each type of office scene, from single and simple office space to the combined office space with enhanced complexity. Centering on users’ movement routines, DFocus refactors office space design principles and builds up a complete and innovative digital space experience on the basis of a variety of IT intelligent systems.

Intelligence Reception

Quality staff experience symbolizes good administration of an enterprise. By establishing staff service center, the administration can respond to employees' demands more quickly and systematically.
Convenient check-in, whether with a Pad, a self-guided registration machine or a Robot receptionists, equally helps visitor quickly check in and gain access to the space within an enterprise.
The face-recognition-based welcoming screen shows the enthusiasm and hospitality of an enterprise.
Pad-based convenient registration of visitors
A Robot receptionist that can quickly verify and greet visitors by face recognition

Intelligent Meetings

A complete and efficient meeting experience safeguards successful office and it can reduce the time spent in looking for a meeting room by 40% and the time of preparation for a meeting by 10 minutes, and prolong the effective discussion time of a meeting by 80% or more.
As to intelligent meetings, meeting booking, application for resources and services required during meetings, and completion of meeting minutes and resource statistics are optimized to better control meeting progress, improve communication efficiency, and help administrative /IT personnel to enhance meeting experience.
Multi-terminal-based meeting room booking
Capable of being integrated into other mainstream OA systems
Integration with on-line video conferencing
Meeting devices supporting push-to-start

Intelligent Office Cubicle

The flexible office cubicle management system can considerably improve space utilization by the office cubicle sharing and booking system.
Under the help of this system, space utilization of enterprises is enhanced from less than 50% to over 80%, which can save ten thousands or millions RMB yuan of real estate costs for enterprises every year.
Visitors and new employees can book space and locate their positions through the large screen for space information, and old employees can quickly book their favorite office cubicles via the mobile terminal.
Office cubicle allocation
Office cubicle booking
Large screen booking and route guidance
Space visualization

More Intelligent Space

The reception, the meeting room or the office cubicle are the places where digital technology starts to transform physical space, and then staff canteen, training room, laboratory, nursery, toilet, parking lot, staff dormitory. Our quest for greater technology never ends.
3D BIM and digital space map demonstration
AI and robot system
Space facilities system compliant WELL standard
Integrated IoT-based facilities management platform