Smart Real Estate Management

It helps enterprises to establish and improve the smart real estate management system, and real estate better digital management.

Smart Real Estate Management

Real estate is an important part of enterprise assets. DFocus’ core mission is to help enterprises establish and improve smart real estate management system and enhance the digital management level of real estate.
By providing complete asset, rental and fee control management module, DFocus integrates advanced international real estate operation and management best practices into its software to improve process compliance and operational efficiency. Moreover, through the informative management cockpit, the visualization of enterprise real estate management can be upgraded to help enterprises spot problems earlier and improve their risk control ability.

Assets and Rental

Asset management / Rental management

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    By displaying asset distribution with digital map, enterprises can intuitively grasp the real estate data of various regions, and facilitate the statistics and management of the real estate resources, and make smarter decisions on real estate.

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    Complete business invitation and rental management and enhance enterprise’s digital management of self-owned real estate by establishing comprehensive real estate rental management mechanism for enterprises.

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    Online contract management and rent management can also greatly improve the efficiency of rental management.


Financing and Budgeting

To help enterprises realize fine management of cash flow in real estate operation, timely grasp the income and expenditure of various properties, deepen financial control and budget management, and ensure smooth strategic transformation of enterprises.
Focusing on cost control, it pushes forward in-depth standardized management of the capital and financial status involved in all asset business of the enterprise.
To fully covers the Planning, the Marketing, the Operations, the Finance and other departments and processes, and supports effective management of the full life cycle of assets.
Financial management
Budget management

Property Evaluation and Energy Management

To help an enterprise learn its real estate operation status and enhance the satisfaction of its employees by professional digital operation services.

Energy metering helps an enterprise to grasp its energy consumption in real time, and identify energy consumption problems, and then explore opportunities to save energy, thus lifting energy conservation level.

Regular physical examination of the energy system is conducive to systematic analysis of energy use within the building

Property evaluation
Energy Management

Enterprise Apartment Management


Enterprise apartment management

To help enterprises realize efficient control of internal talent room, apartment room and other resources, and provide vigorous support to smart administrative services.

To realize digital management of application for, renewal and check-out of apartments of the enterprise, and achieve unified management of all living costs and expenses of employees accommodated in the apartments.

Management Cockpit

To collectively display the core data of enterprise real estate operation, and enable decision makers of the enterprise to grasp its real estate operation status in real time, so that they can timely learn the operational problems, control operational risks, and identify which aspects should be improved during management.
The management cockpit provides digital support to decision makers through intuitive large display and multi-dimensional analysis charts. The WYSIWYG approach makes operational managers' reporting more efficient.