Intelligent Building & Smart Campus

Create an efficient innovation park environment, and improve the liquidity of the space within the park.

Intelligent Building & Smart Campus

DFocus’ exploration starts from smart space to intelligent buildings and then smart parks. Its steps never stop.
Based on "Cloud platform + Ecological application” technology architecture, and centering on IoT-based big data and artificial intelligence, Digital Twin of buildings and the park is realized. DFocus is committed to promoting the communication of invited investments in the building and the park, driving new upgrade of urban and regional management, improving service quality and digital experience of the operation in urban area and communities by quality service schemes.

Consultancy and Planning

Intelligent system design of the park / Acceptance and inspection of property in the park / Operation system planning of the park / Core characteristic area design

  • 01

    Relying on building expertise, park operation and in-depth data analysis, DFocus has fostered a unique guideline for the smart park.

  • 02

    To guide the park in setting proper construction targets in feasible ways according to the requirements predefined in the operational period, and guide the park construction in aspects of target setting, design and implementation of the design.

  • 03

    To start from the smart exhibition hall, marketing hall or data command center of the park, and enrich the construction plan of the entire smart park gradually.

Intelligent System Integration and IoT Platform

According to the construction objectives, tasks and actual conditions of the park, DFocus provides comprehensive and systematic intelligent solutions and consultancy for implementation of such solutions. Many intelligent systems of the park connect with each other through DFocus BuildingConnect (BC) or the IoT-based platform from a third party, forming a unified intelligent control system serving facilities and energy, safety, AI computing and communications. Connectivity of the park facilities facilitates centralized control of such facilities and the integration of the facilities into business management.
Consultancy for planning, design and implementation of the intelligent system
To provide intelligent system integration and connection between platforms
DFocus BC- Intelligent Park IoT platform

Operation and Deployment of the Software Platform and the Intelligent Cloud

Under the framework of international best practice “Integrated Workplace Management System" (IWMS), DFocus can collectively manage the core modules of the park, including asset management, facilities and energy management, intelligent space management. This promotes efficient operation of space resources, stimulates innovation and attracts the talented in the future. In addition, the cooperation of DFocus with the world's top cloud service partners ensures the efficient, stable and continuous operation of the DFocus system

Real estate management
Facilities and equipment management
Office cubicle management

Smart Operation and Management services

Operation implementation plan design/Operation team build-up and training/ Data operation

By the established digital infrastructure such as Internet of Things platform and operation platform, DFocus integrates space, facilities, personnel and services with a unified business framework, and perfectly combines off-line physical park and on-line intelligent community, achieving visualized data flow and humanized enterprise services.

By building up the operation system focusing on industry building/ best park operation standards, we continue to improve the ability of the management and the service personnel, in the hope of creating an efficient innovation park and improving the park's space liquidity.