Data Insight

Data insight is one of effective carriers for management of senior management decision-making. Displays real estate data in multiple dimensions through central BI platform, and creates a clear dashboard and a custom digital kiosk.

Product Value

Visualizes abstract data in terms of spaces, organizations, service resources, operation and maintenance by closely integrating service system data, to reflect development, change and trending.
Enables creation of both static data charts and dynamic dashboards. Quickly and accurately develops dedicated dashboards to show summary of specific indexes for decision-making while maintaining analysis library.
Helps business management report data to the board of directors for collective presentation of performance of various tasks and visualization of key operation indicators.

Functions and Introduction

Management cockpit

Provides a management cockpit for senior management of enterprises.
Displays, both graphically and numerically, data of major operation indicators by attribute of real estate service.

Data decision-making

Supports management by enterprises' senior management.
Graphically visualizes operation indicators and conditions based on services.

Data report

Supports enterprises' analysts with data.
Provides various detailed data by service module.

Data kiosk

Displays key operation indicators for enterprises' senior management and external users.
Displays core operation indicator data in the form of topic summary according to items managed by the administration, including scale, structure, percentage and trend.