DFocus Assign

Work mode from the future helps enterprises achieve digitalization and refined management of workplaces.

Product Core Value

Product Features

Visualized Interactive Map

Mapping between physical space and virtual space based on interactive map. This centralizes, visualizes and displays in real time the discrete data, and simplifies the operation process. Occupancy of space is clearly expressed in different colors. Ample map operation includes 2D/3D mode, full-screen mode and view change.

All Workplaces Easily Managed by One Man

Administrator: Building administrator can assign workplaces to a department in batch. Ordinary employee: Employees can bind workplace information, upload to the system and verify the accuracy by scanning QR code on the workplace. System automation: Workplace will be automatically released after an employee is dismissed while data will be automatically updated.

Traceable Decision-making

Assignment and inventory of each type of workplaces on each floor are traceable. Occupancies of workplaces of each department on each floor are traceable.

Powerful Data Statistics

Real-time data can be known anytime. Data will be timely updated whenever there is a change. Real occupancy rate and utilization rate of workplace can be obtained via IoT-enabled smart hardware. Various reports on usage can be generated and exported.

Smart Hardware