Smart Facility Management

It helps the administration of an enterprise improve user satisfaction and administrative efficiency.

Smart Facility Management

Today, what being managed by the administration and the real estate department of any enterprise is no longer limited to equipment. Space is also included in their facilities management (FM).
DFocus Smart Facility Management elevates user’s satisfaction by improving user’s accessibility, sense of control and using efficiency; At the same time, it helps the administration of an enterprise to improve the efficiency of management through better digital business processes and data-based decision-making.

Smart Employee Service APP

DFocus APP

  • 01

    Improve employees’ satisfaction and accessibility by integrated reservation of meeting room, office cubicle and parking lot, and control of space facilities.

  • 02

    Achieve flexible office by office cubicle booking and intelligent locker allocation

  • 03

    Flexible visitor invitation can enhance the satisfaction of both parties of a meeting. Now, this demand can be fulfilled by just an APP.

Administration and Real Estate Management

Quality staff experience symbolizes good administration of an enterprise. By establishing staff service center, the administration can respond to employees' demands more quickly and systematically.
Digital technology can strengthen the administrative’ s ability to manage facilities and property, better the management of internal and external property service personnel, and keep energy and other costs at a proper level.
Work order service and facility management
Staff service center
Inventory and supplier management
Energy management and cost control
Project Management

Office Cubicle Check and Allocation

Once an enterprise grows into a considerable size, it is no easy to make statistics of its office cubicles. Especially, for a rapidly developing enterprise, the large personnel turnover makes office cubicle management tough.

Office cubicle statistics helps enterprises learn the real case of space use; it makes clear how enterprise space will be managed and the direction of enterprise space management.

Support third-party office cubicle data import
Office cubicle data operation in batch
Set department-specific permission to office cubicle

Space Data Analysis


Data analysis and Presentation/Professional data consultancy report

Space asset is an important part of enterprise assets. Sound planning and utilization of space assets can improve the asset efficiency and enhance employee satisfaction.

Based on sensors and booking data, DFocus’s enterprise space data analysis system can make enterprise customers better understand their space usage, optimize space allocation, increase space utilization, save cost, and improve working environment, communication, collaboration and work efficiency

Intelligent Office Space Planning Services

Use data analysis of DFocus’ multi-element integrated office, together with professional space planning consultancy, brings cutting-edge WPS to our clients.
Whether for Agile Office or Activity Based Workplace, the combination of industry data with expert advice is the best way to upgrade your office space.