Asset Management

Clear inventory of fixed assets helps enterprises keep track of each inch of operational space and support operational decision-making

Product Value

Helps enterprises clearly know information of all fixed assets, so as to prevent omission or loss of any asset.
Visualized interactive map provides comprehensive presentation of asset distribution and keeps track of asset distribution in real time.
Information-based construction achieves management of integration of business and finance as well as dynamic monitoring of fixed assets in the full life cycle.

Functions and Introduction

Property registration and use

Enables enterprises to refine management and control of property information.

Refines collection of space information by province, city, district, building, floor and space.
Obtains real-time space usage with space IoT sensor developed by DFocus.
Helps owners achieve data analysis and decision-making based on data.

Information map

Visualized modeling achieves comprehensive, intuitive monitoring and management of various fixed assets in real time as well as management of integration of business and finance.
Includes various fixed assets such as parks, buildings, rooms, parking lots, parking spaces and land parcels in the same management system. Enables seamless connection among function modules like finance management, contract management, leasing control, property management, budgeting and final accounting, so as to realize management of integration of business and finance.
This allows asset management departments to consistently allocate, assign and manage assets according to applicable standards and regulations, achieves dynamic monitoring of fixed assets in the full life cycle, and prevents loss of any asset.