DFocus DMeeting

Are meeting rooms unoccupied for a long period but scrambled in certain periods? How many meeting rooms should be provided for the most cost-effective solution?
DMeeting can help employees quickly book meetings while meeting statistics data support meeting room adaption.

Product Core Value

Product Features

Meeting Booking and Management

You can book meetings via web, mobile terminal or signage for ideal service experience. Web: Book a meeting in the calendar view with familiar operation experience, resulting in reduced learning cost. Mobile terminal: Book a meeting room anytime and anywhere for improved convenience. Signage: Preferred for booking a temporary meeting.

Outlook-integrated Meetings Calendar

System supports integration with Microsoft 365 (both 21Vianet and Worldwide versions). You can book a meeting on Outlook personal calendar, the meeting will be automatically synchronized with DMeeting, and vice versa.

Real-time Sensor Monitoring

DFocus provides various sensors for real-time monitoring of meeting room status. Meeting rooms, in which nobody is present or the meeting is terminated early, will be automatically released and become available for booking, so as to improve utilization rate of meeting rooms.

Multi-function Signage

Signage supports user identification via face recognition. If recognized, you can book a meeting by pressing one key or manually initiate a meeting. Also, you can specify the time period the signage plays video or image information to establish a good image for your company.

Up to Four Meeting Types Supported

You may book an ordinary meeting, all-day meeting, multi-day meeting or recurring meeting in DMeeting or Outlook. Moreover, you can set the rule for circulation of different types of meeting.

Abundant Personalized Settings

Supports various third-party login methods, including Office 365, DingTalk, WeChat Work and LDAP. Supports customized enterprise logo. Supports customized login page background. Supports customized signage theme, video play time and screen off time.

Smart Hardware

IoT Data Base Station

Powerful IoT data base station developed by DFocus can cover every corner of office space, achieve data transmission from/to more than 1000 sensors, and convoy your data by using UPS and power loss alarm function.

IoT Data Base Station