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Build a Bright Future with DFocus.Helps partners achieve their goals and improve their competitiveness

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Agency Partnership

Develop market share with DFocus by using your ability to promote products and provide sales consultancy and service

Agency Partnership - Smart meeting management platform

Agency Partnership - Spatial Data Analysis Platform

Agency partnership - Equipment and facility management platform

Solution partnership

Promote and finalize customers' projects with DFocus by using your ability in vertical industry or vertical business solution.

Solution partnership - Smart building solution

Solution partnership - Smart office solution

Solution partnership - Smart meeting solution

Solution partnership - Smart administration solution

Solution partnership - Smart campus solution

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Jointly develops various marketing activities, helps partners in joint promotion.

Professional Empowerment

Offers cutting-edge and creative expertise and guidance of the industry. Provides partners with customized training and support services.

Resource Sharing

Shares resources in business ecosystem with partners and exploit more resources with partners.

Technical Support

Provides technical support and training for partner in demand to establish their core technology competitiveness.