DFocus Analytics

Provides more intelligent spatial data analysis solutions, and allows enterprises to maximize effectiveness of space utilization and fulfill their strategic needs.

Product Core Value

Product Features

Flexible Office Productivity Tools

Abundant space measurement tools enable diversity of functional space variation and effectively enhance occupational experience of everyone.

Maximized Space Utilization

Unlocking powerful office space data improves overall space efficiency and strongly supports space revolution.

Accurate Data Collection

With the support of Connect hardware, DFocus provides you with cost-effective, sustainable and accurate data collection services.

Powerful Calculation Engine

Based on Spark big data platform engine, your workplace data can be used for multiple display platforms and calculate data in a flash.

Secured Enterprise and Employee Privacy

Powerful data separation and primacy security design ensures that data are effectively collected without collecting sensitive enterprise data.

Strong Security Guarantee

DFocus offers powerful data security and disaster recovery ability based on rigorous Azure cloud protection to protect spatial data of every inch from being infringed.

Data Value

With rich experience in spatial data analysis and ample abilities of data analysis team to understand business and explore data, DFocus effectively supports enterprise decision-makers in core business driven by data.

Smart Hardware